23 Feb 2021

Our annual fundraiser for 2021!

Imperial College Sri Lankan Society is proud to announce its annual fundraiser for the year 2021! Normally we would have hosted Sapphire, the profits of which would have been donated to charity. However, this was not possible due to social distancing measures. Regardless, the committee came to a unanimous decision to instead organize a fundraiser that would raise funds for a charity, and would therefore enable our society to continue its efforts to help improve the lives of Sri Lankan communities, this year too.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the poorest are trapped in a hunger and poverty crisis. Furthermore, many labourers who rely on a daily wage to feed their families have been unable to do so due to the strict indefinite curfews enforced due to COVID-19.The lack of work has cut off their income and left their families hungry. This, along with the threat of the pandemic looming over them has put them in an extremely difficult position.

We are proud to support the charity Their Future Today, in raising funds for their project ’COVID-19 Response: Feed a Family in Sri Lanka’. We have set up the following fundraising platform to collect donations. All funds raised here will be given to support this initiative.

Donations are not limited to UK residents or students, therefore please spread the word!

Click here to donate 👉🏽 https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ICSLSoc

Warm regards,

ICSLSoc Committee 202021